You have spent hours on social media posting about your biz. You tried everything- salesy posts, direct cold emailing, building your list, hell you even played the follow/unfollow game. You're getting some views on your content, just not enough to make it worth it to you to continue working on it. You really want your business to work out, but without leads on social media you're just not hitting those goals you set for yourself. 

I have a business I love, but I'm having a hard time reaching the people I want to work with. The content I'm working on just isn't converting.

Does this sound like you?

What if it didn't have to be that way?

We've all been there- struggling with selling our biz and ready to give up. What if I told you that you could learn how to sell your biz on social media with the help of someone who started their own biz at 19?  What if it could help you finally get the business running exactly the way you want it to?

With the new Content that Converts course, you can learn how to do just that! 

Along with all of the lessons and other goodies, you'll also be getting amazing bonuses from a free website template (worth $299.99) to amazing and exclusive discounts for amazing tools to help you grow!

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As a part of this amazing course, you can get access to the exclusive Content That Converts facebook group where you can chat and work with other amazing course members!

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With each lesson comes a bunch of handy workbooks, guides and freebies. From small questionnaires to large how-to guides, you will receive so much rockin' info that you'll love!

Workbooks & PDFS


Six modules stuffed to the brim with tools, tips and tricks for advertising your business online that are sure to help you get your biz off the ground.

6 Informational Modules


What's included?

Course Overview

Module 1

 Introducing Me

Take a look at what the course has to offer!

The module is all about getting to know one another so we can better connect during the course!

Module 2

Social Posts that Sell

Crafting the perfect social posts can be hard, but with a proven strategy you're sure to create the perfect posts!

Module 3

Email Marketing Matters, Too

Find out how to create those amazing emails that your list continually opens and use it to sell your stuff!

Module 4

Facebook Groups are Friends

Learn how to create and sell your biz in Facebook groups, as well as find some that are great to network in!

Module 5

Boo To Blogs?

Are blogs still relevant when it comes to creative businesses? Get thee answer and learn how to use it for your biz!

Module 6

Do You Have A Website, Too?

Find out why you need a website and learn how to create your own that will convert lurkers into clients!

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Get immediate access to the first lesson, all events and our free Facebook group!

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Get everything previously mentioned plus a free, fast action bonus- 3 free hour long coaching sessions

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  • Some Kind Words

    I am so grateful for Em's hard work and dedication to getting my website done on time. She worked with me late, early and every hour in between! THANK YOU!

    - Cassandra McClure

    She built her business from nothing in a small town to a thriving accomplished company. I have never seen anyone with as much worth ethic as Emily has. Emily always strives to make her clients happy and I doubt you will ever be unsatisfied with her work.

    - Margaret Leiterman

    I'm Emily

    Over a year ago, I knew nothing about running a creative business. I was a college dropout at 19. I had a passion for creating content and, after a push from my family I started my business. In the time I have had my business, I have learned how to start and run a profitable creative business- from figuring out how to operate to creating a kickass site and everything in between and beyond!

    Who is this program for?

    Creatives who are ready to step up their content game and start selling to their ideal clients through social media and more!

    Creatives who think they have the perfect social media strategy and don't want to try and work on improving their strategies. 

    This course is for anyone who is wanting to market their creative business on social media but have no idea how to do so or just want a proven system to help guide them into doing the biz thing right!

    You get to access the course through our portal, which is hosted through MemberVault! Once you sign up, you will receive an email with your login details and a direct link so you can access the platform!

    The course starts October 24th and will have new lessons released every week for 6 weeks. 

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